Vintage Bedroom Décor Accessories and Ideas

Decorating bedroom is somewhat tricky as you need to take many things into account such style and function without sacrificing any. Fortunately, vintage style offers a possibility to combine affordable design with function. Vintage is so stylish that doing mix and match is simple to attain. Here we comw with some ideas on how to create vintage bedroom.

Blush the Vintage Finds

If you have no idea on what to do with vintage furnishing, you can always rely on the painting. No matter how stained or scuffed your vintage stuff is, what you need to do is to paint them with a new coat. Go with colorful and bright shades for the painting. The example of making over vintage finds is as what’s done to the bedside dresser in turquoise as shown in the picture.

Play with Vintage Color and Pattern

There are no exact rules of calling which colors are vintage styles. Yet, generally speaking, most of the vintage shades are dominated by white in creamy shade complemented with soft blue, pink, moss green or mint, yellow in buttery shade, or palest lavender. When choosing what colors to use for vintage design, don’t focus on mixing the colors only. Instead, try mixing vintage patterns such as butterflies, birds, botanicals, and florals.

Put Something Unexpected in Your Bedroom

Vintage finds are usually the ones easily found in many decorating stores. Instead of decorating every single corner of your bedroom with the stuff most people have in their bedroom, you can try adding something unexpected like how the owner of the bedroom below attach vintage fans on a shelf. Be it vintage ceramics, hats, dolls, go ask yourself about something you love the most and use it as another decorative item in your bedroom.

Be Creative in the Decorating Process

Be creative when decorating your room! Go explore the design choices and do some experiments in matching furniture and décor until you find the one that feels really pleasing to you. In the picture, the designer tried to match the vintage design with a bedside table from a folding chair. It’s then complemented with a beautiful mirror simply placed on the floor. Choose something different! There is no rule in designing but making the most of your creativity.

Quirky, old fashioned, romantic, casual, and versatile are the titles for a vintage design. There are bunches of ways to design your bedroom using this style. All you need is to employ your creativity and to go with what you like the most.