Transform Your Bedroom with These DIY Décor Ideas

Decorating bedroom is something necessary as you need to make it as homey as possible. While many people will go for designer stuffs, DIY pieces are often welcomed as more valuable items as well. Depending on how you curate the items, your bedroom will be transformed into a splendid sanctuary. Check out these ideas.

Painting Over the Headboard

While you actually enjoy doing this hobby, it will be nice to hang one of them over your bed headboard. While it always works as decoration, your play on colors will transform the bedroom look. Like this bedroom. The color palette is neutral and relaxing, and the painting adds some freshness and vibrant touch in the room.

DIY Clutter Basket

Look at this clutter basket. It’s cute and stylish at the same time. Surprisingly, this can cost a lot at the store. You can actually make this by yourself by using used card box, a fabric of your choice, rattan rope, and a few tools to make it. It carries your magazine and small clutters well, making the bedroom more organized while felt more alive.

DIY Pillowcases

Have you ever find yourself in a complicated situation in which you can relate your bedroom color palettes? This is how you solve it. This bedroom features many colors that aren’t actually connected to each other. The DIY pillowcase in blue actually ties everything together. Now, the entire bedroom details are perfect design with smooth flow on each aspect.

DIY Canopy

This is a romantic addition to a bedroom without being too much on it at the same time. This bedroom features a DIY canopy that actually is easy and simple enough to make. All you need is hula-hoop, tulle fabric, and small chain to hang it. With a few more tools, You’ll transform the bedroom to a perfect honeymoon abode.

Spinning Crib Toy

This toy is popular for infant, and with a little modification on the hung items, it can be your toy too. This bedroom has one near the headboard, featuring contemporary shapes to amuse the owner. Instead of finished in playful color, it is coated in gold, making a match for the mirror and nightstand. These golden additions are the reason behind the vibrant and bold look of the room.

In short, you can actually enrich your bedroom look using your own hands masterpieces. It doesn’t have to be something complicated. Choose something simple and useful, and finish it with style.