Top 4 Amazing Ideas for the Foot of Your Bed

While taking some elements of bedrooms into account, you better not neglect the design for the foot of your bed. Don’t miss the opportunity to give a special touch to you’re the bed foot’s shape, function, texture, and pattern. Even though the foot of the bed only occupies narrow spaces, there is always a chance to take an extra mile in the design here. Check the following ideas to get some references:

A Bench Attached to the Foot of the Bed

Attaching a bench to the foot of your bed seems to be a great idea as it serves many functions: giving your extra seating places and storing your favorite stuff like book, shoes, or other collection. This bench attachment, as inspired from Home Life, can also perform another function which is giving a nice visual transition from the rest of the room to the bed.

A Bench for a Twist

Here comes another idea for the foot of your bed using a bench. Yet, this idea is a bit different from the previous one because the kind of bench which is used is in rustic style. This twist-on-a-classic-combo rustic bench was designed by Lucy Call. Like the bench in the previous point, this bench also performs various functions: being a decorative item and a functional object. The bench was constructed with a pretty sculpture and was designed to be more than just a functional object.

A Taller Table for a New Addition to Your Foot of the Bed

You don’t like a bench attached to the foot of your bed? No worries, you can go with a taller table. This design, as shown in the picture below, comes from Johanna and Derek. They want to show home owners that no one should limit themselves to the kind of lower furniture to give some additional articles. They then came with an idea of using a table that is taller than the bed and that will always work perfectly as an addition to the surface.

A Welcome Storage for the Bedroom

Another great idea for the foot of your bed is by adding a dresser like shown in the picture below to your bed. This idea comes from Ashley Hicks. She tried to provide the homeowners more storage and also a divider at the same time for their bedroom. The room divider is such a nice low-profile addition to the foot of your bed.

The furniture that can be added to the foot of your bed really depends on your preference. You may choose the one serving either more decorative or more functional. But, of course, you can always combine those two functions.