The Smartest Products your Apartment Doesn’t Have (Yet)

When you’re short of spaces in your place, you’ll go for almost anything possible to save some more space. You will like double duty coffee table and other similar furniture items, you name it. The following items are more than just perfect but well fitting for your teensy space. You may want to see these.

  • Bed with Drawer and Shelves

This bed allows you to store more stuffs like extra bed linens, blankets, sweaters, or other clothes in the drawer. It makes it easy to grab and restore. Meanwhile, the shelves allow you to keep stuffs near you in case you need it. You don’t need to place another bookcase in your apartment.

  • Flexible Table

This can be your entryway counter or just a display table for your décor. However, whenever you need extra table for small home office or if you invite more people to dinner, this table comes in handy. Simply add portable chairs and you are ready to serve more people in the apartment. There is no need to invest on additional large table.

  • Table with Two Tops

This is way better than the usual single top table. Of course, it offers you more space for storage or even display. You can place the reading lamp on the top surface with a few other small stuffs in it. Meanwhile, the below surface will serve well for book and magazine piles or small potted plants for decoration.

  • Nesting Table

This table makes sure you have a decent nightstand on the sides of your bedroom. Being able to be well pushed to the wall, it eats only small rooms for it. If your bedroom is tiny, you need this table. When you need it, you can attach the pair and create a single and full table for your additional purposes.

  • Room Divider Bookcase

We usually have to get both, but this item offers both functions at once. You can divide the living room and dining room to separate spaces by placing this bookcase in the middle. It offers you storage for books and anything else while you can see both room either way while it adds sections in your apartment.

The key of living in a small apartment is that you choose your furniture products carefully. Products in the list above don’t only solve your space shortage. It actually offers you double functions and often more storage space. Why don’t you buy at least one now and see how it helps your apartment?