The Ideal Kitchen: The Brilliant, Space-Saving Way to Dry Dishes

The ideal design for a kitchen is a non-stop discussion topic until today. There are parts that are considered, and dish drying racks are included on the list. Many times along with the kitchen staples, dish dying rack is such a hogs on the kitchen countertop. Nothing is pleasant about it. So, what to do? Check out the following designs for inspiration.

  • Contemporary and Modern Countertop Dish Dryer

This design still uses a side of the kitchen countertop without being a hogs on it. Being in contemporary design, the rack layout is practically simple and clean, allowing you to have more free space on the kitchen countertop. Made of wooden platform, this rack adds a balance on the modern countertop, keeping the design stylish.

The benefit of using this dish drying rack is that it actually easy to access any time so it reduces the risk to break the plates or cups. In addition to it, it eats up only so much space, making the kitchen a spacious place.

  • Dish Drying Rack Beneath the Cabinet

This may look like one of the shelves of the cabinet at glance when the doors are closed. However, when you open the door, you’ll notice the dish drying rack hanging nicely on it. Meanwhile, the below part is made without base to make sure the water drips to the bowl below it.

This design is convenient in many ways. Completed with door, you can close it to make sure your kitchen looks neat. As you dry the dishes in there and you close the door, it transforms into a dish cabinet over the counter.

  • Drying Tray on the Countertop

This design may not be surprising enough at first but you’ll like it. Basically, we add drying rack or tray just behind the faucet. Of course, this won’t big but we don’t need big as well anyway. This design is practical considering that you don’t need to move another muscle just to put the dishes on the drying rack. It’s already there. The surface of the drying tray is lower than the countertop, so it is safer as well. If you want to immediately reuse the dishes again, the access is pretty much an instant.

If your kitchen countertop looks too busy right now, you should consider upgrading the design with one of these ideas. It saves you more space while it is fully functional as well at the same time. So, which one is your favorite?