The Ideal Kitchen: The Brilliant, Space-Saving Way to Dry Dishes

Drying the dishes is often a lot of work as we don’t want the water to drip on all countertop surfaces while we also want to save some space for other things too. This shouldn’t be an issue if you can get the space saving strategies to dry them. Check out the following ideas and see if anything should help your situation.

  • Wooden Rack Behind the Sink

This rack should be as long as your washing area to make sure the water dripping flows to your sink basin. The sections allow you to dry several different stuffs at once while the wood is already a plus for your decoration. Just make sure it has small feet so the water can flow down into your sink.

  • Over the Sink Drying Rack

Mounting it up is always a great idea to free up some space. In this case, you need to make sure your rack is still over the sink area. It is to make sure the water drips into the right area. This can be a part of a kitchen cabinet as seen in the picture, but it can also be a merely drying rack.

  • On the Side of the Sink Rack

This rack is currently very popular due to the fact that is is flexible. This rack is available separately from the sink. You can store the rack when you are done or when you need the other sink for something else. Meanwhile, it will make a useful partner while washing your dishes.

  • Drying Surface Near the Sink

This surface is commonly on the other side of the sink, using the same material. The surface isn’t even but it a little slides down into the sink. It allows you to put the washed dishes on it while waiting for it to dry. Make sure you use non-slippery material for this surface. Many people use rubber pad on it too just in case.

  • Behind the Sink Drying Counter

This is similar to the previous option but it is placed behind the faucet. It makes a safer alternative as your elbow will not hit the dishes. It is also easy to reach, making washing the dishes a lot simpler and faster.

So there are many ideas you can try. You can actually dry some dishes safely without using too much space on your countertop with a little creativity. Choose an idea that will fit best to your situation.