Stylish Furniture Design by Luis Branco

Luis Branco has been an industrial furniture designer since 2005 when he is graduated from his industrial design school in Escola Superior de Design ESAD Matosinhos, Protugal. Since then, he doesn’t stop designing, and his work is considered one of the most stylish now. Check out these pieces from the young and smart designer.

  1. The Attic Cabinet

This is one of the most popular pieces people want to grab right now. The cabinet features very basic shape which makes a perfect fitting for modern and minimalist style. The cabinet is basically square with more shelves on it and an open shelf for stuffs to grab faster. The tall feet of the cabinet offers more room under the cabinet. It is finished in modern color options including plain white and grey with a little touch of wood veneer here and there for natural balance. It looks stylish and brilliant, making it a good investment as well.

  1. The Squared Coffee Table

The caffeine series is probably more popular but this one offers more extraordinary design. Instead of being boring square, this coffee table is finished in a combination of contemporary matte black and wood veneer for modern taste. The feet are made of strong steel for heavy duty. Meanwhile, the top looks like a few trays attached to one another. This design makes sure your stuffs don’t fall down easily while it actually allows you to put things in sections and categories. The design alone is super sleek and simple, offering you basic delicacy in sophisticated form.

  1. The Bedroom Set

More than just small furniture pieces, Luis Branco also designs the whole set for living room and bedroom. This set features clean design which is a favorable idea when it comes to modern interior. The entire functions and needs are well addressed in simple and sleek shape. Meanwhile, all the surfaces offer a good quantity of expert working on lacquer which is an appreciated detail. For the twist, we should enjoy the wood veneer details, which make the set even more appealing than ever. This bedroom set is a combination of smart function in clean design that offers style at the same time.

Looking at the pieces above make us agree that Luis Branco has talent on this field. His design offers simplicity and clean look while all functions and style are well delivered too. Next time you shop for your house and apartments, his design should totally on your list.