Office Tour: Textura Offices – Chicago

Textura, a company located in Chicago, Illinois, just built a new office in this city. The office design is constructed meticulously so that it can meet the corporate missions which are promoting collaboration and efficiency in the industry of construction.  Let’s see how this company executes the office design? Find it out below.

The Lobby

Once you step your feet on the company’s hall, you will be welcomed with a long and modern hall and also with the wall graphic displaying the company brand painted on one side of the walls. The long hall is surely giving you the impression of a large space and the cement and concrete floors are offering you modern vibe. Meanwhile, on the other side of the walls, the guests can find many elevators that come with a black finish, making the lobby even more modern and captivating.

The Reception or Waiting Area

The reception or waiting area of this company is the heart of the entire office. This area was designed as an open work café that can serve many functions such as socializing during the working hours and collaborating with coworkers. This area that was said to have the best views is complemented with cement floor like the one in the lobby, hanging bare bulb, and linear pendant, that contribute a lot to the warm atmosphere throughout the room.

Breakout Space

This company’s employees seem not to worry about being bored and exhausted as the company provides a breakout space that comes with an exceptional modular sofas or lounge. Besides, the design of this breakout space is complemented with hanging doff black pendant, brick walls, and cement floor that enables this are to be a go-to spot for those who want to either take a load off for a while or to collaborate with other staff as what the mission of the company says.

Meeting Point

The last interesting spot worth checking from Textura Office in Chicago is the meeting point which is connected to the workstation. Although both areas are connected, the designer could manage to build a partition to accommodate all working activities held in those areas. This area also functions as collaboration zone that is aimed to accommodate additional staff. Linear pendant and wooden stool were chosen to complement this collaboration area.

How Textura Company designed its offices deserve an appreciation as the company puts so much thoughtful details to the design and furniture. The company seems to really want to actualize its mission by carefully designing each area to accommodate that mission of collaboration between people. Such a great example to build an office!