Office Tour: 4 Awing Interior Design at Google’s Newest Tokyo Offices

Starting its journey as a startup, Google has been a giant technology company that is also well known for its fun office design. Google has awed many people in the world with its surprising design elements and features around the corner of its offices, including the office in Tokyo. To see how amazing the design is, let’s have an office tour!

Iconic Reception Desk

Once you arrive at Google’s Tokyo office, your attention will be drawn to this eye-catching reception desk design. The area comes with a playful yet simple green rugs imitating grass, colored wall that is tied to directly to the iconic and boldy Google logo behind the desk. Even more, arriving in this area means you will also be greeted by the Android mascot petite statue. The mascot surely alerts the guests to the tone of this colorful space.

Elegant Meal Counter

Google really likes to spoil its employees. It even provides its workers with a meal counter that is not only elegant but also accessible. At this cafeteria, everyone has plenty choices of dishes. Every different dish comes with a particular color code and also with an awning beautiful pattern. Whenever an employee is hungry when working, he can easily manage to grab a bite. Awesome!

A Playful Lavatory

Lavatory is not just lavatory for Google. This company really wants a lavatory style that combines design and functionality. In the design, the Android mascot is involved for indicating gender. The designers brought the Android figure into the washrooms. To make it more fun, interesting, and cheerful, the figures are dressed in gender-appropriate swimwear. The employees now have lavatory buddy!

No Culture Left Behind!

Google knows what it takes to do like Romans when it is in Rome. Just because the company was established in America, doesn’t mean the company doesn’t need to embrace the culture of the place it is located. For the meeting room, the company involves many Japanese cultural elements such as low table of Japanese traditional style and floor cushions. However, a touch of electric color scheme and Android theme are not left behind. Meeting now can be something cultural and playful. A nice combo, don’t you think?

Google’s offices are so well known for its design and features and the Tokyo office is surely not an exception. Combining traditional and technological touches is surely a smart idea of providing a work place where everybody can enjoy their time there.