LinkedIn Office by Denton Associates, London – UK

Many companies in the world have tried to design their offices as comfortable and awesome as possible. What are so special about the office design are various special and iconic designs that make the office really one of a kind. The unique office design also comes from Denton Associates in London with its LinkedIn Company. Let’s have an office tour!

‘London for Londoners’ Theme

This social media giant really knows how to tackle its reception floors. While the whole office involves a design of London theme, the reception area itself really embraces worldwide view of London along with its landmarks. Reception area that consists of several floors embodies the approach of ‘London for Londoners’ theme. Those reception areas also bring along the Transport theme along with its iconic dark grey, white, and bright red colors.

London-Street Themed Floors

There are still other details of this office’s reception areas that need exploring. At one of the area’s corners, this company boasts London’s iconic phone box. Besides, a typical London street is also presented there: the culminating Big Ben, the “Changing of the Guard’ boardrooms along with sentry boxes, bars for celebrations and social events and many more. All of them come with brass detailing and of course the iconic LinkedIn logo as the focal point.

London Symbology as another Detail

In designing the London’s office, this company invited Damilola Odusote to create a unique piece for some floors. He then decided to weave London’s symbology and combined it with LinkedIn’s branding elements in his signature complex style.

The Transport-Themed Meeting Room

Meeting is no longer a boring thing in this company. Look at how the meeting room was designed! So Londonish! The inspiration of the meeting room’s design came from the abstract and typical ways of travelling around the British capital. The highlight of the travelling ways used in this room is the classic route master bus. Besides, this meeting room also has the Boris Bike-inspired teapoint seating where everyone can charge their phone when it is cycled. Moreover, a genuine 80’s Jubilee line seat fabrics and a curved tile wall are presented to complement this so iconic room.

So, which interior design detail of LinkedIn’s London office you like best?  Being in this office will really remind us about where this office is located. The colors, the furniture, and decorative items are so well chosen this office becomes really exceptional.