Important Tips to Renovate Your Home with Contemporary Stair

The stair doesn’t only provide access to the other floor of the house. Stair affects the house overall value and look. Therefore, renovating your home with a new staircase especially the contemporary one isn’t a simple task. Check out the following tips to get the best contemporary stair for your home.

  1. Make Careful Planning

This is contemporary but you need to decide on a more specific design. Most contemporary stair requires comfort, glasses, odd shapes, and large windows. If you already have some of the features, plan to renovate only some parts of the stair. In addition to it, know where you can get the materials and plan the budget.


  1. Follow Legal Codes

In some countries, any renovation requires legal approval before the work begins. Council permit is probably required. In this case, you need to make an application first before you can get the approval. The local authority may also have any legal code you need to check and fulfill before commencing the work. Know your duty first.

  1. Work with Steps and Risers First

The stair steps and risers are the very basic parts of the stair. You will need to work with them both first. Changing the riser should be done initially and then you can start changing the steps. When you are done, give it a test. You can use moldings to cover the gaps between each part, creating smooth look for the stair.

  1. Renovate the Landing Area

Any staircase will need a landing area, which can be placed on the bottom part of the stair or in the middle of the staircase. You will need wider steps and wider extension for this renovation. Make sure to get the right measurement, to cut right, and to test before installing your landing area.

  1. Work with Newel Post

Renovating the contemporary stair can be done by replacing the newel post as well with a more modern design. You’ll need handrails, base rails, and the old spindles. Make sure that it is at least 900 mm tall from the newel post base. It is safer for people who use the stair.

Contemporary stair doesn’t require too much work actually, but it still requires careful attention on the detail. You can renovate the stair by yourself, but hiring professional can be a great alternative as well. You don’t need to replace all parts but you need to have a good plan initially. Are you ready for the project?