Home Décor Trend: Velvet Fabric

Velvet fabric is now taking over design world like the one in fashion design and interior design industry. Some may use the fabric not to color all parts of their designs, simply just add a center of attention using this fabric with lovely shade. How about home décor? How far velvet fabric has been taking over it? Find it out below:

The Seductive Velvet

Here comes a lovely design from Koket with its seductive and daring chair. The designer named the chair Chandra Velvet Chair. It is such a perfect addition to the color accent of the hanging Eternity Chandlier above it.

The Eye Catching Velvet

Not only is velvet lovely, it is also eye catching when you can insert the shade perfectly to your home décor. Look at how Marie Claire Maison did like shown in the picture. The way she executed the use of the velvet color was just gorgeous. She chose to use velvet fabric as the curtain of this room. If you want to imitate this idea, you may also try to make the fabric of the curtain dark as long as you choose bright furniture around it.

The Homey Velvet

Another idea on how to use velvet fabric to home décor comes from Chivasso. This talented designer let the velvet fabric to play a decorative role from the sofa. The sofa was then complemented with the presence of the coffee table that is marble. The furniture chosen contribute to create conversation and depth to the area. The designer’s decision to pick neutral palette was so brilliant that it creates a homey vibe to the spot.

The Sexy Velvet

Velvet can be sexy too! Look at how velvet fabric is used in this sofa! This is Fendi Casa Velvet Sofa that comes with darker color palette of velvet. The darker shade brings the feeling of sexy, seductive, bold, and daring. Darker color and velvet fabric are such a nice combo. This kind of sofa is a perfect fit for library or study room.

The Passionate Velvet

Velvet can also help you show how passionate you are. Ico Parisi showed you how by specially designing this crushed and curved sofa. This sofa is surely one of a kind, enabling its owner to show they are passionate and different in term of working on interior design. Just add few more accessories and or furniture around the sofa to make it lovelier.

So, what kind of impression do you want other people to absorb from the way you use velvet fabric in your home décor? Once you know the answer, you will surely know about how to play the velvet fabric well.