Great Kitchen Storage, Organization, and Space Saving Ideas

One of the best way to free up some space in your kitchen is by re-organizing your storage. Several creative ideas are available to try in which you can maximize the use of each space and spare some more for cooking activities. If you need some help in this, check out the following suggestion.

  • Organize Your Drawers

If you have too many small clutters in your kitchen countertop, it makes it impossible to get enough space for cooking. Try to make separations on your kitchen drawers and add customized containers or holder. It helps you to save more things and easily find it back so you can clean up enough space on the top.

  • Baskets in the Cabinets

Instead of leaving too many bowls on your kitchen countertop for stuffs, it is best to add smaller baskets in your kitchen cabinet or refrigerator. This way, you can keep things based on the category neatly while it will be fast to find them again if you label the basket. In addition to cleaning up your kitchen surface, it helps in organizing your cabinet, cupboard, and fridge.

  • Mount Up

Don’t clutter in your kitchen. Everything needs a place and if you don’t have enough space, you can mount them up. You don’t need to buy new wall mounted cupboards. Wooden bar should be enough for your newly-washed dishes, cook books, and other things. Just make sure they have appropriate size and dimension.

  • Use Under the Sink Space

This space is often forgotten while it can be helpful. If you are afraid if everything is getting wet, use containers to organize the stuffs as well. You can keep your cleaning solutions extra napkins to wipe the countertop, extra washing sponges, and other things closely related to the sink. It helps you to keep it organized while it will be easy to find them too.

  • Spice Organizer

This is a simple yet impacting idea. Instead of cluttering many small containers near your stove, it will be cleaner and practical to use a wall mounted spice organizer like in the picture. It helps you to grab it fast if you mount it close enough from you, and it organize all things without eating too much of your surface area.

There are more than enough ways to organize your kitchen better and to free up some more space. Depending on your situation, adopt those suggestions above and enjoy how effective it helps you in your productivity, not to mention improved atmosphere of the kitchen.