Gorgeous Farmhouse Style Decoration Ideas

The idea of employing a farmhouse decoration style is popular today. It combines, vintage and rustic touch on its details, while contemporary style often works well too with it. If you like the comforting, warm, and simple look of the farmhouse style, these decoration ideas will blow your mind. Check this out.

  • Plants in Old Buckets

Even though it looks great at the outdoor, this is actually going to work just fine for the indoor as well. The idea of using the old buckets is actually brilliant. It gives the items new function and life while its look is a rustic touch to your décor, not to mention how bucket represents the farmhouse best.

  • Plants in Tin Over the Headboard

This is actually a rare idea. Instead of hanging it on the other part of the house, why don’t we give the bedroom some pleasant smell from the plants? Attach three layers of wooden palettes and hang the tins on it. Plant some small trees in the tin, maybe young Lavender to keep the mosquitoes away.

  • Vintage and Rustic Entryway

This entryway looks very inviting with its rustic and vintage look. The DIY welcome sign is very cute while the wooden frame only makes it even more defined. The vintage lantern looks great while the mint painted candle holder is a pleasant twist in the combination. The vintage chest makes a great décor detail while it actually offers storage space.

  • Mirrors Display

If you have a small dining room like in this picture, a mirror display with enlarge the impression. This room features three vertical mirrors with the same rustic frame on it. Hang the mirrors on the vacant wall at the right position and proportion and you already improve the room a lot. Add a seasonal wreath on it when you want some more décor, like in this picture, for sophisticated touch.

  • Vintage Cabinet

You may inherit this cabinet from your nana, but with a little refinish touch, it makes a vintage addition with pleasant look like this one. While the entire cabinet is perfect for additional storage, the shelves are actually ideal for art display. Put it in your dining room for best function.

Farmhouse decoration is always pleasant to have. It offers homey and warmth on the inside while it still delivers function as well. The items are easy to find, and it is easy to create the look as well. Care to try to decorate your house this way?