Google’s New Amsterdam Offices are Extremely Dutch: An Office Tour

Not only has Google been well known for being a giant company, it has also been famous for the company’s office design. Google has opened its new headquarters in Amsterdam whose design didn’t fail to embrace the quirky aesthetic side of the country. Let’s have a quick office tour to see how fabulous the new office is.

The Entrance and Reception Area

The entrance and reception area of Google’s new office in Amsterdam is beautifully quirk! When you enter those areas, be ready to see the stunningly constructed faux brick walls that pave your way to the entrance and reception desk. A touch of Dutch royal family was not left behind here. As you come to the areas, you can see an emblem of the royal family’s coat on the reception desk. Moreover, Amsterdam’s cyclist-centric culture was also involved in the reception desk construction. A bike, separated into the front and back parts, were attached to the reception desk.

The Auditorium

This giant company really deserves a giant space for its office, enabling it to have its own auditorium. This auditorium, although not a very big one, has the capacity of 70 people. This area is complemented with graffiti walls, cardboard box lights, container wall, and exposed ceilings that make this room cozy to work together with many people. The auditorium, which is also referred as the company’s Tech Talk, occupies a sliding doors that come in black and white stripes.

The Kitchen

A kitchen is surely a need for this company’s employees as the need to always maintain their health, physically and mentally. So, here the company built a kitchen which was also inspired by Dutch elements. Although the kitchen is considered mini, it is enough to cater the needs of the employees there. The kitchen area is complemented with waffles and tea kettles that are hung from the ceiling to the particular kitchen islands with Delfts Blue Graphic.

The Versatile Spot

There is another spot that plays a vital role in re-styling the office. Google provide its Googlers, the employees, with a lot of comfortable spots to both to chill to have me time and to get work done. This individual work place was even designed to stand close to a cafeteria for the Googlers’ convenience and to represent the various departments.

Google surely belong to the company having top notch office design. Every single corner of the office seems to carry certain meaning and function to accommodate and facilitate the employees’ both individual and work needs. All areas are designed so the Googlers can always stay in shape, both physically and mentally.