Gallery of GoDaddy Silicon Valley Office

Nowadays, employers have paid more attention to the workplace environment. Various innovations are invented to keep employee being motivated, thus keeping the company’s productivity. The GoDaddy Silicon Valley office is one of the perfect examples of a well-designed workplace environment which is capable of mixing fun and productivity.

Outdoor-Inspired Office

The office’s unique design is inspired by the company’s lively culture. Reflecting their mobile staff, the company puts various colorful outdoor inspired materials in its office. This spectacular concept leaves no room for boredom and increases both the workforces’ creativity and productivity.

Vibrant Space for Workforce

The unique office prioritizes the existence of free-flowing space. The company applies an amazing concept by connecting the fluid space with racetrack-themed corridors. Moreover, the push-pedal go-karts that staff may use to move around spread energy in the office. Such outstanding activity-based spaces is the key strategy that the company utilizes to promote its vibrant working environment.

Complete Comprehensive Set of Spaces

In order to boost the productivity of the staff and to attract top-talents to join the company, GoDaddy also provides various comprehensive set of spaces in its office. Inside the workplace, you can find focus rooms, huddle spaces, game areas, lounges, and café inside the office. These spaces are provided to accommodate both teamwork and quiet concentration. Hence, staff can work more effectively.

Fulfill the Workforce’s Needs

In order to fulfill their staff’s needs while doing their assignments, GoDaddy makes sure that the office is completed with sufficient task-driven furnishing for them. These furnishings provide both comfort and unlimited opportunities to suit the employees’ needs in finishing their assignments. You can find movable seating pods, height-adjustable desk, and even a portable bar. After all, staff cannot work well if they are not comfortable with their own office.

Recreation is a Must

Unlike some other companies which separate work from play, GoDaddy strives to integrate recreation and downtime into their workplace. This effort results in seamless experiences between work and play. The company believes that by creating an inspiring workplace, they can enhance employees’ productivity. The fluid and animated workplace environment can significantly support their talented engineers in advancing new technologies forward.

Staff can work efficiently and produce great results if they are comfortable with the workplace environment. GoDaddy is one of a few companies which is able to give such comfort and coziness to their workforces. The facilities that they provide can integrate fun with work resulting in enhanced productivity.