Furniture Collection with Knitting and Weaving Details

It seems like the world of modern furniture is now invaded with the knitting and weaving details. The design is enriched with warm and cozy homey feeling, making it even more valuable piece. Many new designers make excellent furniture with these details. Check out the following examples.

  1. VeegaDesign Blue Chair with Wooden Frame

This chair is unlike any other. It uses the common wooden frame in pale finish for a more neutral and rustic feeling on it. For the upholstery, there is large noodle cushion made of weaving technique. It looks more than just comfortable. It looks stylish and modern at the same too given the vibrant color of the blue.

  1. Purple and Yellow Armchair from Veega Design

Graduated from University of Brighton, London based Veega Tankun also creates this cute arm chair. The frame and structure are wooden, similar to the previous piece, but it offers different details. The frame is wrapped with yellow yarn while purple crochet is added for the upper cushion at the arm rest.

  1. Grey Outdoor Set by Cabaret Collection

Kenneth Cobonpue designed this set and he was totally inspired by the subtle beauty the art of knitting has and simplicity on modern furniture. The steel framed set is covered with foam wrapped with fabric. Unlike the usual thing, this foam is weaved to cover the frame. It makes a comfortable addition without compromising the modern look.

  1. Knitting Stool and Ottoman by Anne O’Brien

There is nothing new about the shape and design on these stool and ottoman. However, the idea of covering the entire cushion for both with knitting is brilliant. The stool gets the vibrant orange color, which is glorious and stylish, while the ottoman looks cute on warm gray finished knit. It looks plushy without being clumsy on the modern design.

  1. IKEA Chair with 3D Knitting

These chairs are enriched with 3D knitting technology that allows you to get the exact shape for an object. The abstract and contemporary patterns on the knitting are totally gorgeous while the steel frame still looks modern and stylish. There is nothing better to express these chairs but efficient and totally stylish.

Weaving and knitting don’t have to be lame and old anymore. In good hands, these can be rich details to add on furniture. In fact, it adds the comfort and value of the furniture itself. If you want style and comfort at the same time, you should consider taking one of these furniture options.