Four Wonderful Bathtub Ideas with Modern Design

While a bathroom’s an essential part of a house where you can have a relaxing moment, a bathtub’s also another important piece contributing a lot to your precious “me time”. Some homeowners, or you may be included, may think find it complicated to choose a perfect bathtub. If that’s so, find out some ideas about bathtub below!

  • Neutral Transitional Bath with Freestanding Soaking Tub

Here we go with freestanding soaking tub. This kind of tub provides a large transitional bath as great spot to have your relaxing moment. This tub is even more accommodating as it is completed with a glass enclosed walk-in shower and the large freestanding tub. What is more, this is also complemented with extensive neutral tile, rich-toned wood floor, and the antiqued cabinet.

  • Contemporary Bathroom with Freestanding Tub

This kind of tub is like the one seen on HGTV’s Million Dollar Rooms. This tub is another perfect piece for your chilling moment as it is complemented with a freestanding soaking tub and is surrounded by smooth stones. Besides, a wall-mounted shelf is placed right next to the tub to maintain the airy feel, to free up the floor, and to maintain the room is open. A large window’s chosen to let natural light streams shower the tub user.

  • A Stone Tub for a Traditional Bathroom

A tub often comes in white. How about giving a brown a chance now? Look at how gorgeous this soaking tub in deep brown is! This tub is eminently the highlight of the bathroom. What is more, what makes it this tub and bathroom design more stunning is the matching vanities coming in pairs, neutral curtains framing the tub, and the tile floor. Such a nice combo!

  • Mediterranean-Styled Bathroom with Copper Soaking Tub

Thinking something Mediterranean? This kind of tub is beyond dazzlingly beautiful. The tub is so artistically tucked below the arched window that make this bathroom both elegant and the best spot for your relaxing retreat. Further, this tub is surrounded by a neutral tile work and soft seashell border that frames the window. All of these are well presented in the bathroom to create the best soothing vibe possible.

Whatever the style of the tub you want to use in your bathroom, there are actually many other details to consider, such as the position of the tub, the flooring design, the furniture pieces complementing the tub, others. Make sure you don’t miss small detail to create the best relaxing retreat possible!