Four Best Ways to Use the Space under Your Stairs

How do you usually occupy the space under your stairs? What kind of things can you find there? Are they old musty coats and boots? Are they just cluttering items? Why not transforming them into something more useful, for either you yourself or your pet? You don’t have any idea? Well, we’ve got you covered!

  • A Good Spot to Hide Your Washing Machine Away

A washing machine is really bulky. It is also space consuming and it takes some valuable spaces in your home. It sometimes occupies a cupboard’s space in your kitchen, takes most of your laundry room’s space away, or needs to be chucked in a spare bedroom. Good news is you now can hide your washing away in a space under your stairs. Some works needs doing for this. You need to work with the wiring and electrical socket so that the space under your stairs are well occupied but not messy.

  • A Relaxing Spot to Sit

The space under your stairs can be an ultimate entertainment den. The furniture pieces you need are some shelves and a simple bench. The shelves can be a perfect home for your book and CD collection by splitting them into racks. The simple bench, meanwhile, can a cozy and relaxing seating place for you to just take a rest or enjoy your favorite books.

  • A speckles Cupboard for Your Coat

You coat collection does need a big space to keep them clean and neat. The space under your stairs is ready to answer that need.

Usually, the spot under your stairs is a place for storing old walking boots and coats that are no longer in use. But, with a sophisticated touch, you can turn the spot to a wonderful storage system in which you can save your favorite coats in a clean and neat cupboard. You can also store your slot bags, shoes, dog walking leads, and other things.

  • A Dog Den for Your Furry Friend

Like human, a dog also needs alone time. Occupying the spot under your stairs enables you to build a simple bed along with some drawers to store anything your furry friend may need such as toys. This can be a perfect spot for them to sleep or dry off.

So, which idea catches your interest the most? Now that you already have some references on how to make most of the spot under your stairs, you will no longer neglect it. Go construct a perfect space under the stairs for your family and beloved buddy!