Four Best Interior Design Ideas – Use Color to Define An Area

Colors play a crucial part in your interior design. Not only does it give a certain theme to your room, it can also define a particular area. If you think you don’t have any idea yet about how a touch of color can define an area in a building, take a look at the following ideas.

A Bright Color for Your Meeting Room

Meeting somehow can be boring. Why don’t make your meeting room special then? Take a look at office interior design by SNKH Architectural Studio below! Both interior and exterior designs of the office use hot pink. This color creates a bold and bright look for this room. This meeting room is now a space that everyone can’t miss.

A Touch of Yellow for Your Office Kitchen

Kitchen in an office is so important that everyone needs it to be as comfortable as possible to take a break and to have a spot to enjoy their food and beverage. To make your office kitchen more vibrant and cozy, try to splash yellow colors to the walls, ceiling, and floor. The color will certainly define this are. Complement the kitchen with a teal color for the floor to highlight the casual seating area surrounding the kitchen.

Yellow Color to Welcome Your Guests

Reception counter is the very first place that your guests see whenever they come to your office. Thus, choosing a particular color does make effect to the way you welcome them. Look at how RIjkswaterstaat managed to design his office’s reception desk! He tried to merge the wall and the floor using the color of yellow. The yellow color comes in form of ribbon that runs through the floors, the ceiling, and glass walls. What a great idea to offer an eye-catching welcoming!

Peachy Pink for Your Astonishing Office

Who says that peachy pink is unpleasant? Look at how this color decorates this office in Kiev, Ukraine! This peachy pink makes the room popping up instead. The designer used this peachy color to redeem feature of this 88 square-meter office. As the result, the vibe of this room can be calm and airy. This is definitely something that not many people think will come from pastel peachy pink.

Color is no longer just a color in interior design. Colors do define an area. Colors give a room a character. Moreover, colors create a certain vibe to a room. So, what kind of vibe do you want your favorite room to be? What color do you want to use for that room?