Five Bivi Modular Office Desk System Features

Office furniture especially the desk should accommodate the employee’s needs of freedom and being representative of who they are. Bivi has been a great role model in this case. Bivi has redefined what is supposed to be a perfect workplace: modern and also effortless for the employees to able to give a touch of beauty and personality to their working vibe. Find out what Bivi has made below:

Dual Height Bivi

That’s what makes Bivi worth being appreciated for their office design. Bivi even designed height with their teams in mind. They made dual height in one system offering both standing and seated positions. This Bivi’s design was so intuitive that they can accommodate and support the dynamic and creative work.

72” Table Tops

Bivi’s design has what it takes to support a dynamic work and workplace. Their table tops now come in 72”size. This spacious table top is perfect for both individual and also two people. That’s going to be a great place for an employee’s comfortable homebase training relationships and for two people for having owned space. This wide 72”table top joins the 60” and the 48”, catering various needs for nowadays dynamic work.

Built to Fit the Employees

In designing the office, Bivi didn’t leave personalized accessories behind. Bivi has been able to reconfigure something at that corner and to add something at the other corners. No matter what the employees’ interest, style, and passion, Bivi has had something to accommodate them. Do you want to take a load off and sit down for a short chill? Go find the Bivi Rumble Seat for your instant lounge comfort. The seat is also a nice place to connect.

Bivi Footshelf

This is another design that makes set Bivi apart from the crows. This detail in the design is a very thoughtful spot for giving your work a leg up. This Bivi Footshelf was designed to provide your feet a new place to rest and to park. This Footshelf is also a unique way to encourage you to shift your weight when you are standing.

Bivi Bike Hook

BIvi also created a cool spot to park your bicycle. Bivi built a Bike Hook that is mounted on the wall and or is attached to Bivi tables. With this Bike Hook, you are able to keep your ride stay away from the office traffic.

Those features from Bivi’s design deserve an appreciation. Bivi’s team really has brought a thoughtful consideration in creating a design, enabling its design to be tailored to the needs of working and especially of the employees’.