Desk That’s Perfect for Co-working by Miguel de la Garza

A desk really plays a crucial part in a working place. It should be designed in such a way that the users’ needs and activities can be accommodated. Fortunately, Miguel de la Garza came with a brilliant idea of designing a desk. It is a kind of desk which is perfect for co-working. Let’s see how this table was designed.

Electric Sockets

The presence of electric sockets within our reach when working is really a need. That’s what de la Garza also had in mind when designing this desk. In the center part of the desk that measures 6 ft. by 8ft, he added a black channel where eight sockets were installed. It is such a nice spot for workers who need to plug their gear quickly before their devices run out of battery. Functionality seems to be the first priority of this design.

The Table Storage

This Table 002 also comes with storage to safely store the workers’ stuff. The storage was built on the second layer underneath the tabletop with an open area concept. While this layer can be a good spot to secure some important stuff, it is also useful to reduce any clutter on the work surface. The users of the table are always able to hide their laptop or book while keeping them within reach.

The Perfect Size and Design for a Workspace

This Work Table 002 was built using Grade A pine lumber. It was designed with standard lumber dimensions. The design preference was absolutely chosen for a reason. De La Garza wanted to construct the table with less costs. So, the standard lumber was chosen to reduce the build costs. Besides, this desk was also designed with a quite big size. It was mainly designed to be a perfect workspace where six people can work together on the table.

Functionality at Its Finest

The last feature of this de la Garza’s desk worth appreciating is how he always put functionality in mind when he designed this desk. De La Garza was really aware of the importance of clean image around the workspace so he managed to build two layers for the table. This double-layer desk perfectly reflects any workflow of the users’ great projects: brainstorming for any idea at one time with bunches of possibilities to explore.

De La Garza does know what it takes to make a perfect desk for co-working. While he cleverly chose the right materials and concept to construct the desk, he was able to afford thinking the best functionality that the desk can offer. It should a great inspiration to follow!