Chair with Sexy Curves Made of Plywood for Your Modern Interior

While comfort makes one of the most important aspects for a chair, many young designers decide to give enhanced comfort through sexy curve on the design. It simply follows human backbone and some others are made naturally comfortable for the body shape. These chairs below have nothing extraordinary when it comes to the plywood material, but they offer stunning curves.

  1. The Pipo Chair from Piegatto

This is one of this kind from Piegatto. This one was designed and crafted by Alejandro Estrada. The arms are flaring out while the layers are well widen with a little separation on each layer to let the light in. It has natural contours and gentle touch on the surface. The crisp sheen finish is made out of matte polyurethane layer, creating natural and subtle finish on the entire surface.

  1. The Breeze Chair by ODE

From the design alone, we can clearly tell that it is a rocking chair even though it is unlike any rocking chair we know. This looks like it is made of one piece of wood and it actually is. Made of birch plywood, this chair was previously bent wood. This is made for a special order, offering modern look on a comfortable reclined rocking chair. The satin lacquer only makes it perfect.

  1. Betula Chair by Apical Reform

This chair is made of birch plywood and the design already looks very comfortable at close. Hiding beneath the comfortable look, this chair offers stability as well, making it safe for everyone. Precision on the details enriched with expert hands on the material result in aesthetically fine chair with ergonomic comfort as well. This chair is brilliant already while Apical Reform is still developing their prototype for even better result.

  1. Double Section Chair by Piegatto

Still designed by Alejandro Estrada, this chair is a masterpiece that involves precision for alignment of the wood strands and careful calculation for the balance. The result shows vibrant and modern chair with unquestionable comfort and stability at the same time. While it is also offered on white natural finish exposing the wood richness, the one finished in bright red speaks louder. The design may not look much but it offers more than you expect.

It seems like the world of chair and our options are far more enhanced. These chairs are stunning, featuring awesome design, unique finish, and undoubtedly excellent comfort, balance, and stability. When it comes to valuable investment, it makes great furniture alternative.