Badass Furniture and Interior Design

Several furniture and interior are done in most intricate way. Several designers put a lot of passion and interest on their design that they create something unusual. The ideas are always functional but the looks are more about personal taste. If you want to know the several designs that are special and anti-mainstream, the following designs will blow your mind.

  • Multi Triangles Bookcase

This bookcase offers more than enough space to store your book collection. It takes a lot of room, yes, but please take a look at the shape. It looks like it crawls to your ceiling but not in creepy way. Instead, it looks modern and edgy at the same time. Reaching the top shelves won’t be hard as the lower shelves can function as stair as well. Finished in wood veneer, this is a perfect match for modern and rustic style. However, it should work well with vintage interior as well considering triangles are often featured on vintage décor.

  • Skateboard Staircase

This staircase is another brilliant idea to appreciate. Instead of using the common materials, this stair features a skateboard on each of its step. It looks fun as it is but it delivers mature and classy feeling as well as it is finished in wood veneer. The safety is supported by the structure of the stair and is secured by the grey steel locks on each of the step. This is a modern piece that suits best on young and fun environment. Unfortunately, this won’t be safe for a house with kids as it isn’t completed with rails and knobs on the sides for safe climbing.

  • Snail Sink

This is an appropriate name not because the entire sink looks like snail but because the water way is provided so. The material and the finish is actually modern pieces while the snail pattern in the sink is just a twist to enjoy. It is pleasant to look at given to the details added on the snail shape. However the best look is when the water is flowing on it. It looks naturally interesting and unusual at the same time. Even though it doesn’t add productivity or effectiveness of the sink, it is still a pretty décor to have in a sink, which is pretty unusual.

Clearly, the designers have outdone themselves in creating these pieces. If you like unusual designs, these details should amuse you. They offer unique look and function as well, making it a useful investment. Do you find them stunning?