A Specially Designed Bistro Table with Dedicated Spaces to Hang Your Bag

Have you ever been to a bistro but felt bothered with where to save your bag? You might firstly think to hang it on the chair but it was inviting thieves. You might want to keep it under the chair or table but too worry to make your bag dirty. Well, this bistro table comes to solve that problem. Look at how this table can help you keep your bag safe!

  • How It All Began

Many people have struggled for keeping their bag safe when attending a café or a bistro. They are not sure where should they put their bag. It won’t be comfortable to hold the bag all the time as to be not safe to hang it on the chair. A system that can solve this problem is needed and Trapesi, the name of the table created by Phebos Xenakis, happened. Trapesi existed with an offer of a system that can be both a problem solver and a special design of a table.

  • How It Is Carefully and Smartly Constructed

This table bistro is mainly constructed with three materials. The tabletop and the legs are made from solid oak wood, while the folds of each corner are coated with polyurethane layer. This coating functions as the sleek satin look design as well as prevention of any scratch or damage from purses or bags hanged on there. This coating, furthermore, make it easier to repaint over the damaged color.

The table comes with the dimension of H 400mm x D 650mm x W 650mm. The parts are interchangeable, meaning that the users can always customize the design and also replace the damaged pats.

  • Its Unique Properties

This table offers unique section to which you can hang your bag or purse in public places. Having those corners as a bag hook, anyone occupying the table will no longer worry about their bag as they can always keep an eye on it.

The curved corners of the table also offer you a place to roll up a magazine. Each of the table leg is kind of attached to the middle section of the table, making the top of the table looks like levitating and giving more open feel. Further, the four folds of the table also perform another important function, which is as structural functionality and stability.

Trapesi really wins it all – in term of the function and of the design. Moreover, this bistro table can fit best into many categories such as homeware design, furniture, and decorative items. Are you now planning to have one?