5 Ways to Improve Your Work Day and to Revamp Your Office: Pantone Approved!

Many interior designers have chosen Pantone for the colors of not only rooms wall, but also of wardrobe. Pantone colors have a broad spectrum of nature-like and soft color that makes it a perfect choice to decorate an office. Take a look at the following ideas and get ready to revamp your office and improve your work day!

Scuba Blue

Do you know what blue crash can do to your home office? Look at the picture below! This particular color brings the vibe of daring change. Also, this color does make a bold statement to your home office. Go paint the walls of your home office with this vibrant blue to support your work day.

Lucite Green

Do not worry if you think your home office is not too wide. Also, don’t worry if your home office doesn’t have any window to bring in fresh vibe to the room. Use this Lucite green color to create your own nature-like vibe. Apart from the Lucite green color choosing, bring along wood accents, fresh plants, and a structured desk chair to create a refreshing green shade.

Classic Blue

Here comes another idea to revamp your narrow home office. Albeit the room is not wide, you are still able to make a statement in the room. What you need to do is simply painting your one of the wall sides with darker paint. Don’t paint the whole walls with this shade as the shade can be overwhelming. Just stick to one wall and you are already able to create a center of interest in your chic home office.

Strawberry Ice

Amongst all the shades in the pink color, you need to consider using pale pink. The use of the palest shade of strawberry pink can help you make a modern office. To make it even more modern, choose structured furniture to add the touch of feminine and warm to your home office.


The last way to revamp your office using Pantone-approved ways is by using color explosion. This way suits you who cannot decide what color is the best for your home office. Instead of choosing one color only, why don’t you embrace all colors? The presence of various colors will energize your home office. Try painting your room with pink, blue, and tangerine and see the difference.

There are bunches of ways of revamping home office using Pantone-approved ways. If you are confused which style to choose, you can decide what kind of vibe, mood, and energy you want to have and absorb from your home office room. After that, you will know what color to use.