5 Smart and Easy Decorating Tricks for Your Bedroom

Decorating your bedroom plays important role in making the room more inviting and cozy. Of course, decorating can be an expensive affair, not to mention the complicated process. If you want something simple and can be done immediately, these tricks will be a life saver. Check these out.

Piling the Pillows

While having enough pillows on the bed is necessary, it can be used for decoration as well at the same time. Instead of using only one color for them and being totally boring, you should consider mixing patterns and colors. Don’t match too much. Instead, add together different patterns and contrastive colors. This is where you get the vibrant nuance.

Enrich Accent Pieces with Prints

While prints are common for bed sheet, this becomes a new trend to use it on smaller item too like the accent pieces. Accent pieces refer to stuff that is considered necessary to use later but it can be a decoration item too, like this lamp. The lampshade is finished with blue and white prints, making the room fresher and more modern than ever.

Mount the Light

Most nightstand lights are on the table surface, and this is your chance to make it different. Instead of going mainstream, why don’t you hang it on the wall over it? It transforms your bedroom into a stylish abode with bold design. Like this bedroom, lighting will be even more effective while the nightstand offers more room for your clutters.

Add a Pop of Color

While we always consistent with color palettes while decorating any room in the house, a pop of color is always a good idea too. Like this bedroom, it corporate blue, white, and sandy pink for the décor. The bold statement that transforms the bedroom into a stylish place is the yellow decoration flower in the vase. It is bright and it pops well around the consistency.

Make a Small Haven

Beside the bed, you will need other haven in the room. Often, an arm chair is a good idea. This is a perfect place when you need to sit down for a while or when you decide to read a new book late at night. This bedroom adds a blue armchair at the corner that goes matching with the drapery. While it looks cozy, it enriches the room in an instant.

So you don’t have to buy new and expensive stuffs. Try those tricks above and see how it serves your need on stylish and vibrant bedroom. Happy decorating.