5 Most Stunning Modern Marble Kitchen

It is no secret anymore that marble is one of the best to use in almost every room in the house including kitchen. While it costs expensive budget to purchase, marble is always a convenient option for long life span and easy maintenance, not to mention the sophisticated and rich look. Take a lot at the following marble kitchens. All feature marble and all look priceless.

  • The Gray Tone Marble Kitchen

This kitchen is stunning for using the gray tone marble on its island. The same marble is used for the countertop, which makes consistent finish in the kitchen. This marble is then matched with light wooden flooring that intensifies the kitchen brightness and cabinetry which is finished in not-so-white shade. It is perfection all the way.

  • Cheerful Marble Kitchen

The island is made of Carrara marble which is bright and stunning, creating cheerful touch in the kitchen. It is then paired with whimsical stools for the breakfast area, which is so cute and stylish at the same time. On the back, this marble is then matched with black shade which makes bold accent for the room.

  • Oak and Marble Kitchen

This kitchen feature matching flooring and cabinetry. Both use oak wood which makes warm and homey feeling in the kitchen. This warm shade is then paired with ash and white tone marble, which is bold and unique at the same time. The kitchen is instantly transformed into an elegant space with consistency on design and finish.

  • Proof Marble Rules

This kitchen uses proof marble, which becomes neutral bridging among the contrastive aspects of the kitchen. While the kitchen features matte black, gleaming brass, and light wood shades on different parts, the addition of the marble keep them all in balance. They are connected to each other now, not to mention the subtle pattern of the marble that makes the cheery on the ice cream.

  • Organic and Airy Kitchen

The kitchen is dominated with white finish from the wall to cabinetry. It looks clean and organic but can be boring too. While the ceiling features light wood touch, the kitchen island is white marble with gray veining. It looks airy while the marble makes the most impacting statement on this interior design. Nothing is to complain here.

Marble is definitely a great choice to add in a kitchen. It is graciously elegant and stunning in its natural way. If you can to elevate your kitchen, you should probably add some marble on it.