5 Luxury Master Bedrooms by Famous Interior Designers

Home owners often leave the master bedroom plain and unattractive due to the fact that visitors rarely sneak in into the room. Meanwhile, this is the place for personal sanctuary not to mention the ultimate intimacy. While glittering other divisions are important, well designed master bedroom rules. These master bedrooms get the best hands to design them.

The West Chelsea

This bedroom is another masterpiece from Jamie Drake. The most interesting part of this bedroom is on its combination of new stuffs and old things. The Napoleon painting is hard to ignore while it blends so well with the modern and fun bedroom. Large mirrors, red bed, and grey linen are great match for the floor that looks like filled with small flowers.

Unpretentious Touch

This bedroom is edgy all the way. The upholstered bed is a masterpiece already while the glittered skull above is somehow menacing and chic at the same time. The painting on the wall is a modern art you can’t ignore while the modern chandelier above is fresh to look at. The entire elements are joined well with the black and white linen.

Classic Black and White Contemporary

Kelly Wearstler makes some extraordinary work on this bedroom. The choice is classic yet the combination is revolutionary. The main features are all black and white including the vanity, floor, bed, linen, wall, and arm chair. This room transforms into an elegant and rich looking bedroom with the golden bedside tables. This is surprisingly edgy.

Pool Breath

This is the second Jamie Drake’s masterpiece we have to feature in the list. The bed features pool look with teal tiles details on it. The rainbow graphic above the headboard is brilliantly young and fresh, giving an outdoor feeling to the room. Meanwhile, the bedroom main features like wall, windows frame, and floor are on neutral shade, we will admire the blue accent it gets. Splendid.

Neutral Work

Kelly Hoppen is a brilliant mind when it comes to interior designing. This bedroom features all neutral colors you will like, from grey, white, ashes, and a little green. While the entire design is ergonomic, we can see ultimate comfort is offered here. The room alone is bright, making the entire design looks crisp, neutral, and neat.

While other master bedrooms aren’t very inviting, we can imagine living forever in these bedrooms. Adopt the ideas and apply it on your master bedrooms for impacting change for your daily life now.