5 Creative Office Space Design Ideas That Will Change the Way You Look at Work Forever

If you want to create a good atmosphere for your employees, put yourself in their shoes. Do you want to have a fun workplace which is far from boring? Do you want to see the colors that suit your taste and the spaces organized the way you want them to be? We have some ideas which can help you in designing your workplace.

Make Use of Cork Board

By having a whole wall of cork boards in your office, you can make sure that your staff will have a lot of fun. Your staff can decorate the wall with various documents, letters, photographs, notes. Just pin them all on the wall and they will enjoy endless possibilities.

Transparency on Many Things

Transparency is everything in today’s business world. However, do not only apply this value to your company’s culture. Why don’t you also utilize the concept in your workplace literally? Using clear and transparent glasses as the dividing walls can be a great alternative to the boring conventional opaque dividing surfaces. Furthermore, you can still use various colors of glass which will enhance the look.

What about Those Clipboards?

Carrying clipboards anywhere is just so years ago. Yes, you can still choose to carry it to make your job easier, but consider this new idea! Instead of putting them on your desk when you are not holding it, why don’t you hang them on the wall? You can create a unique impression by adorning them on the wall and use them as art décor holders. They are easy to use and very flexible. Just clip your announcements, pictures, to-do lists, and motivational quotes on them. Voila!

No Table is Needed

You know what? Perhaps, from now on, modern day workplaces will not need tables. This is how they look like. You will not find any tables. Instead, you will see well-arranged cushions. They are neatly placed against the wall on top a line of wooden pallets. If you need a change in your work environment and cannot find any idea after wreaking your brain, think whether this idea works for your company!

Mini Golf? Why Not?

Your company’s productivity can decrease if you keep your staff away from some recreations. Just imagine if they are constantly anxious from waiting weekends to come. Use a space in your office to create a mini-golf course. Spice up the office and see the great results!

Say goodbye to the old concepts of office! In today’s business world, these modern ideas are here to stay. Not only do they provide opportunities for your workforce to have fun, but they also increase the staff’s productivity. If you want to maximize both your staffs’ happiness and work quality, consider these ideas.