5 Classic Master Bedrooms You Can’t Resist

Master bedroom is often forgotten while it plays significant role in your relaxation and intimacy. While modern design is fabulous, classic style is always too good to miss. If you want a classic master bedroom, the following designs are more than appropriate for inspirations. Check these out.


This bedroom features a wide space that makes it a plain one without the details. The drapery alone is already a great value of the room, while the classic bed makes an impacting centerpiece and comfort destination at the same time. Instead of gold, this bedroom gets beach and white base with bronze accent that enriches everything. Fabulous.

Dreamy and Chic

This bedroom is a prove that classic doesn’t have to be too much. The grey headboard offers chic touch on a classic shape. With a lot of white, other warmer color seems to match well anywhere. We should especially love the bamboo shade, keeping the room a low key with a little rustic touch. The best items in this bedroom are on the bench over the bed and the unique blanket.

Classic in Modern Living

Who knows that modern and classic can be combined together. The bed, bed side lamps, and benches are in modern design with nice upholster to offer best comfort. However, the nightstands are in classic design. The benches feet are curved in classic way, and all features are well matched to each other. The color palettes are especially vibrant and refreshing.

Classic Dream

Everything in this bedroom is awesome. The classic bed in dark wood is something we will treasure. The color combination is brilliant, warm, inviting, and elegant at the same time. It gets modern touch in several part to keep it light, but the chandelier is the most thrilling and pleasing detail we can’t hate. This bedroom is a perfect and ultimate classic combination.

Classic in Modesty

This classic bedroom doesn’t lose its grace on the modest set room. While the roof and windows look rustic, we can’t help but adore the dramatic chandelier that combines both classic and modern touch. The nightstands and arm chair are classic. The bed is modern but the sheet and blanket are super classic with a little drama. This is a young but classic nuance we’ll love forever.

Classic bedroom is always a brilliant idea for a house. If you are afraid on being heavy, adopt those ideas that combine it with simple and modern touch. Classic doesn’t have to be too classic anyway.