5 Awesome Master Bedroom Designs You Need to Adopt

Your master bedroom is often forgotten. Is it because your visitors never set foot on it? Well, considering that it is where you end the day and where the intimacy starts, you need to start glittering it a little bit. Check out the following master bedroom designs. They are awesome and hard to miss.

Bright Brown and Grey

This modern master bedroom features neutral color palettes for the base. It gets grey, a little warm wood, and white. Meanwhile, the vibrant look is derived from the addition of bright brown that looks almost like red on the pillows and bench tuft. The monogram paintings are incredible matches as well. This bedroom is simple but looking so great at the same time.

Grey and White

This is a popular color combination but this one looks unique anyway. Both colors are used in the same proportion while we should love the addition of pink and peach colors on it as well. It makes thing more interesting while being chic at the same time too. The golden lamps are awesome addition while chandelier and mirror over the headboard are brilliant.

Refreshing Colors

Other than the well upholstered furniture and fluffy bed, this bedroom has nothing else special. What makes this bedroom stands out is on the color palette. The base is currently popular sea salt color, that offers cool and tranquil nuance to a room. The other sandy finish complete the look, offering well designed bedroom.

Soothing Space

Despite the magnificent architecture, this room gets the best color combination. It is neutral and relaxing. Combined with the airy atmosphere and spacious setting, this bedroom is a perfect place for sanctuary and honeymoon. The rug though is totally awesome and brilliant, making the bedroom a hit.

Safari Looking

This bedroom actually uses the most basic color combination, pale white and black. Even though the furniture pieces are totally well curated, the best part of this room is on the brass longhorn skull and the bed that is actually leather studded. While it is classic and relaxing for being airy, this bedroom is totally bold at the same time. Brilliant.

These bedrooms are great sources for you to get some inspiration for color palettes and the combination, texture, setting, patterns, and accessories to add. With careful selection and consideration, you’ll get yourself the perfect master bedroom. So, which one of those designs is your favorite?