4 Super Cozy Master Bedroom Idea 67

How would you rate the cozy level of your master bedroom in the scale of 0 – 10? Well, here we present you some ideas to build a cozy getaway in your master bedroom. Choose the one that looks most appealing to you and be ready for not wanting to leave your cozy zone!

Bed Curtains

The coziness is contributed a lot by the exposed beams up there. However, that is not the one and only factor making this bedroom super cozy. The curtains of the bed really steal the show! The curtains were made with the fabric by Lawrence Bullard’s Senja. The bedroom design itself was made by the talented designer Christina Rottman. Not only is this bedroom comfortable, it is also luxurious!

Boho Loft

This jaw-droopingly cozy bedroom was designed by the designer Katie Maine. The wall of the bedroom built with the wallpaper printed on Muylar from brunschwig’s Bombay is beyond awesome. This bedroom was divided into two parts: the below part as a dressing room, while the upper part as the sleeping area. This bedroom is absolutely what a teenage girl has ever been dreaming of!

Accent Wall

Do you love richness? If yes, this bedroom design suits you best! The richness of the bedroom comes from the shimmers of the grays and silvers and also from the blues painted on the wall right behind the bed.  The headboard was designed with wallpaper from E’s Betty and in a velvet shade. This “rich” bedroom is also complemented by a chandelier from Anthropologie’s Dandelion Orbit. The chandelier surely gives a glimmering light shining from the ceiling painted in silver.

Snug Bunks

Planning on constructing a bunk bed for your kids? You can adapt this South Carolina bedroom design made by Suzanne Kasler. To get that gorgeous shade of the beds, blush your bunk beds with PPG Porter Paints in Shrinking Violet. Also, to add the cozy touch, equip the bunk beds with blankets from Pine Cone Hill and add built-in bookshelves in case your kids need a book or two at night. This snug bunks design is super perfect for your kids’ hideaways!

So, how would you rate the super cozy master bedroom ideas above with the scale of 0 – 10? Stop settling for a mediocre bedroom design and go with the extra miles to have your own super cozy master bedroom for both you and your kids.