4 Simple Cord Management Solutions that Can Make Life Easier

Nowadays, most people possess more than one gadget and electronics, making them having many cords that should be ready anytime they need to recharge batteries. Cords and also cables, however, sometimes seem to create another problem around our working table. We do need so called cord management to easily organize that stuff. Check out the following simple methods below to organize your cords.

Cable Holders

Cable holder is a great organizer for the cords that that you keep plugging in at all times but that you use it at particular times only when you think you need them. This cable holder will help you manage this kind of cords so you don’t need to spread them on the floor. There is a more sophisticated cable holder named MOS Magnetic Organization System, which provide a magnetic holder that will keep the cable in place until the time when you need it comes.

Cable Drops

If you think that cable holders are too space consuming for your desk, you can use cable drops instead. You don’t need to attach it on the tabletop but to the side of your desk. They will surely keep your cords in place but also ready for using anytime. This cable organizer comes with two sizes: regular and mini. Also, they come with a sufficient pack.

The Finger Jack Holder

This kind of cord organizer enables you to organize up to five cables at the same time, while keeping on the cords close to your hand. While the cables are tidily organized, they are also within your reach, enabling you to get any cord needed at any time. This accessory is a perfect choice for both workplace and home. Also, this accessory is an ideal choice for a desk.

Cable Strip

Do you need to organize plenty cords and or cables on the side of your desk or table? Well, this cable strip should suit your need. This cable organizer is complemented with a system that mounts on the side of your table or desk. This organizer is ready to help you organize up to five cords at the same time. This accessory is small but so practical and simple.

Tidy and well organized desk and table is the key! Don’t let your working area messy although you have a lot electronics giving you many cords and cable to organize. Grab some cord organizers and keep your desk and table well organized always.