4 Romantic Rustic Farmhouse Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Rustic design is so versatile that it can suit any preference and gender. There will always be a choice to fit any feminine or masculine design you want to use. Ranging from lighting fixture, decorative articles, and bed linens, you will be surprised to know the available choices to transform your bedroom. Summarized below are four ideas on decorating your master bedroom using rustic farmhouse style.

Farmhouse Bedroom in Lady Grey

Create your bedroom as homey and soft as possible so that you can sleep and wake up happier every day. Choose the color scheme with white and grey to apply this design. Then, make your room even cozier by using pretty throw pillow and adding some potted plants. These stuff will bring the outdoor freshness into your bedroom.

Love Sign from Repurposed Wood from Barn

Bring a rustic charm to your bedroom by making a love sign. You don’t need to buy one as you can repurpose barn wood by painting and writing some words there. This sweet and charming love quote on the barn wood can suit any kind of bedroom: kids, adults, and babies. The plus point from using repurposed wood is making your bedroom vibe more charming and rustic at the same time.

Antiquated Picture Frame from Repurposed Window

Don’t keep your sweet memories on photos in your drawers or cupboard. Display them instead! You can use empty wall in your bedroom to make a sweet gallery. The gallery will surely be an awesome decoration, especially for the newlyweds. What you need is an old windowpane that may be stored in your garage or that you can but from an antique store. Then, use the windowpane as a frame for your wedding print to make a rustic focal point for your bedroom.

Headboard Piece from Railway Crate

Here comes another design using a repurposed item! Go get some railway crates to create your DIY headboard for your bedroom. Then, install some vintage metal lanterns painted in white color on both sides of the crates and some warm glow. This new addition to your bedroom will bring a railroad vibe that is both subtle and rustic. Also, this wooden crate will cozy up your bed.

Seeing the farmhouse rustic designs above, who can even resist from the warmth and subtle vibe they can offer? Turning your current bedroom design into something more farmhouse rustic is somehow simple and affordable. You can even repurpose any items unused around your house and work on your DIY project.