4 Innovative Office Designs

How’s your 8 to 5 routine going? Do you find it boring? If yes, maybe your office design is just too monotonous. Or if you are an employer, how do you design your office so your employees enjoy their working time? Have you ever thought about innovative office designs? Find out about it below:

The Underground “Bahnhof Office”

Leave your traditional office design and revamp it with this underground office design. This was designed by Swedish architects who make most of the spaces on nuclear bomb shelter. Those super creative architects converted the 30-m space under granite in Stockholm into something significant to their country. Although the office is underground, the architects still managed to bring along vegetation and water. They are placed along with artificial light and function as ambiance stimulator.

Cybertecture Egg

Here comes an eye-catching office named Cybertecture which was built in India. The design of this smart architectural egg was based on the future’s interactive building design. The structure of the building is really high tech. It only rests on an angle. The tip, however, is not rounded but flat. In the tip, the employees can find a sky garden performing thermolysis.

An Innovative Office Design for Small Living Areas

If you want to build an office but you only have small areas, you may consider George Abdoulas’s design below. He invented a design concept named The Pillar. It’s a design that is able to save spaces in narrow areas but also able to meet the user’s need. The Pillar design is about creating a vertical office desk ceiling high. The desk is the one that can be stacked for storage of office supplies.

Standby Offices

The last innovation office design comes from German studio named König+Neurath. This standby office design is very suitable and perfect for any office that is planning on an office expansion and or renovation. This office comes with a measurement of 190 x 146 x 74 cm and with a material of steel. If you are interested in making similar design to your office, don’t forget to add chair and of course computer.

As the world keeps changing, office design also keeps on making adjustment to its office design. Many companies have adopted an office design that is more compact and smaller. Preferring that kind of design is not only attractive but also convenient. So, how do you want your office to be like?