4 Ideas on Pixelnotes Design Making Office Fashion Meet Function

Pixel-inspired design has been happening everywhere. Started by Pixel-patterned wallpaper, it’s continued with the appearance of Pixel Drink Coasters and Colorful Pixelated Couch. This design is surely a creative way of turning technological trash into an interesting pattern that can be both decorative item and office supplies. Are you curious about how it works? Check this out!

Geometric Pixelnotes Patterns for Your Office Wall

Gerardine and Wayne Hemingway came with such amazing idea of Pixel 4. The pixel design comes with natural colors and with a technique that displays gorgeous geometric patterns across the wall. The use of this pixel notes wallpaper can beautifully decorate a computer room or a lounge. Just add a small couch in the room and you will have an enjoyable working and or chilling room.

Four-layer of Pixelnotes Wallpaper

Duncan Wilson is the one behind this wallpaper idea. He employed four layers of various grey-toned papers on a bright red background. The wallpaper is backed with a tacky adhesive and is layered with square cut-outs, resulting in wallpaper that also becomes instant Post-It notes. Whenever you need a Post-It, go to the wall and take some pieces off as needed.  Using this kind of wallpaper will turn your office into a wonderland of little square notes.

Pixel Couch for Your Comfort

While pixel pattern works perfectly for wallpaper, it also does its job greatly on a couch. The couch as shown in the picture has drawn lots of attention since last year, especially in RCA design show. Christian Zuzunaga, the couch designer, was the name behind this couch named Moroso Sofa. His pixel sofa with its rad looking is a perfect place for people who want to download Wii games and or enjoy conversation with coworkers.

Pixel Drink Coasters for Your Beloved Beverages

After splashing pixel pattern to the wall, adding pixel to office couch, why don’t we bring the pixel pattern to our office coffee table? The Pixel Drink Coasters as shown in the picture is made of paper that is water resistant and perforated that helps you a lot if there’s spill. Also, this will allow the users to make their own creations of pixel. These coasters come in a single sheet but with 50 segments that can be cut in any way needed.

So, let’s review what you have in your office and start considering what can be pixelated. This design pattern really gives another touch to your office interior design and furniture, enabling your office to meet the function but also keep up with the fashion.