4 Gorgeous Farmhouse Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

If you’re not sure what kind of design to build a comfortable bedroom, you can try a farmhouse style. Applying this style is as easy as bringing the colors of white, blue and yellow or hanging a wreath to be farmhouse decorative items. Be ready to get inspired by the following farmhouse design references:

Industrial Contemporary Feel Bedroom

If you want to have farmhouse vibe in your bedroom, you can try this bedroom design with industrial contemporary feeling. This farmhouse bedroom is located in San Francisco was designed with green walls that make the overall look so cool! This bedroom is carpeted with country master in mid-size. Also, what makes this bedroom design cooler is the sliding barn door.

Third Street Farmhouse

This farmhouse bedroom was painted in wall, giving the whole look of the walls clean look. To look more farmhouse-y, the bedroom is carpeted with farmhouse master in mid-size. Besides, the bedroom is also complemented with the beams made of wood. The white cabinets and other white articles in the room contribute a lot in the clear and clean look of this farmhouse bedroom.

The Revival of Mountain View

Here comes another master bedroom decorating idea with wood in medium tone for the floor. The wooden articles can also be found in the ceiling and the low bench around the foot of the bed. This bedroom has white walls, giving it a clean look. Like the previous two, this bedroom can also be found in San Francisco. To make it not boring, the dominant white color is accompanied by black used in the windows and headboard.

Modern Farmhouse

Do you want your farmhouse bedroom still look modern? Adapt this design to your bedroom! This bedroom was design to have floor from medium tone wood and from a country master. Wood material and wood color seem to dominate the bedroom design as can be found in the bed foot, headboard, and bench at the foot of the bed. What is so nice about this bedroom is how it’s located to face the backyard. The door, painted in white, becomes the divider between the bedroom and the backyard.

You’ve got plenty choices to design your bedroom in farmhouse style: playing with the color of your wall paint or with the furniture, for example. You no longer need to live on a farm to get the vibe of farmhouse. Simply embrace the casual, warm, welcoming, and easy atmosphere to your decorating style.