4 Creative World Map Canvas Prints Wall Art for Large Home or Office Wall Decoration

You may have spent many times on thinking the best design possible for large home or office but somehow you feel there’s a missing element in the design. That may be the absence of focal point in your home or office. Below we present you some ideas on using world map art to decorate your home or office.

Vintage World Map

This world map vintage-style poster is from art.com. This kind of wall decoration will suit your den or home office best. This poster coming with balanced color and clean and sharp images will perfectly complement any kind of room design or décor. The poster is dominated by sepia tones, printed in an offset lithography press, and finished with a coating to make the link last longer.

Decorative and Educational World Map Poster

This kind of world map poster performs many functions: making a statement to your room, being a focal point to your room, and being an educational item. Why do you just choose any artwork that only serves one function when you can have a world map poster that comes with both decorative and educative functions? Your kids will absolutely benefit from displaying this world map poster.

Trademark Global Michael Tompsett Úrban Watercolor World Map’ Canvas Art

Here comes another awesome world map canvas art. It was created by Michael Tompsett. This world map canvas is created with cotton as the artwork material. Bringing urban theme to the watercolor map, Tompsett tried to offer a new and creative touch to a wall that can be the highlight of a room.

Paper Riot Type World Jumbo Wall Decals

Display this artwork and you can travel the world without leaving any single inch of your home! This decal features abstract shapes of continents that are made with inspiring and catchy phrases. This decal is also versatile as you can apply this artwork to furniture, walls, doors, or other flat surfaces. This artwork is absolutely able to be displayed to a room whose owner dreams of having adventures around the world. This wall décor is also easy to maintain, reposition, move, and adjust to suit any right position that you like.

So, which world map canvas print wall art is the most creative in your opinion? All of them come with different features to offer and also different function to perform to you. Before choosing any world map poster, make sure you already check whether their theme suits your room décor.