4 Beautiful and Inspiring Offices

Choosing a beautiful and inspiring office design is not merely about showing off your company’s building. It is also about how you, as an employer, offer them a creative, nice, and modern space. An inspiring place will surely be a source of working inspiration. Take a look at some inspirations below before building one.

Parasol Island’s Offices

This office design is absolutely lovely, providing the best place for those working on film and animation industry. The space of the office itself is so wonderful that no other offices can beat them. What is more, the lighting and the furniture of the office are carefully chosen so that they can support the employee’s work. What makes this area even more special is how the desks are placed in the main workspace and also those lovely golden gun lamps.

PONS + HUOT’s Futuristic Bubbly Offices

This office design is working place for two companies: PONS and HUOT. This office is able to accommodate these two companies having fifteen executives in total. The unit is then divided into one open-space-office for eight clerks and seven individual rooms for their seven directors. What makes this office more unique is the common recreational room, rest rooms, meeting room, kitchen, and the lush vegetation occupying the whole main space.

Wieden+Kennedy Headquarters Office

Not only have Wieden+Kennedy awed the world with their amazing work, they also have awed the public with their office space design. The office is actually an old warehouse. However, this company converted it into an open architecture that enables the employees to have their own spaces but still keep them connected. This five-story office also has a center atrium, a place for many company activities from meetings to orchestra performances. So versatile!

Stelmat Teleinformatica Headquarters

Stelmat Teleinformatica is another inspiratory of a beautiful and inspiring office design. The design is about developing open space layout on a 2500-m2 office area. The design is aimed for building a relationship between the area and the exterior. Green roof terraces or balcony is occupied in the external area and is aimed for creating a more productive working ambience as well as better working environment.

As how the designers designed those beautiful and inspiring offices above, it is true that better office designs lead to better working environment that will eventually lead to better working performance of the employees. So, how do you want your office to be like?