3 Inspirations on Minimal Interior Design

Everyone surely has dreams about having well-designed and comfortable house. Many of designers and homeowners then try to find how minimal interior design can help them construct a house with special functional design while artistically simplifying their way of life. Bringing the concept of “less is more”, look at the following three inspirations on how to make your dream house come true.

  • It’s All about Clutter-Free

Minimal interior is a design that embraces clean and simple design. That’s why, eliminating clutter from a room is really a must in this case. On the contrary, you need to focus only on the purpose and the function of the rooms and on the carefully chosen furnishing.

So, if you want to have this minimalist design in your home, you better throw away all the piles of unused papers, empty cups and bottles, and other random objects that don’t really contribute a lot to you. Decide which stuff can be eliminated, which ones are essential and which ones can be stored out of sight; then organize them. Look at how clear and neat the room in the picture is!

  • It’s All about That Base

Constructing a room with minimalist interior design is all about that base. The rule about that base is to pick subdued colors, such as ecru-inspired tone or biscuit to greige. The reason behind this is the look of fresh, clean, and crisp that the colors offer.

In addition to choosing the right base, you also need to make sure that your room has lots of natural light as it tends to make the rooms warmer. That’s why, the rooms using LED or fluorescent lights seem to be warmer and to look cool. However, if you want to use other kinds of colors, make sure you pick the ones that are easy to the eyes such as blues, tans, greens, browns, or earthy style.

  • Quality over Quantity

This rule has been so familiar and useful that it’s also applied to this minimalist design. In this case, you need to carefully deliberate what pieces can go into your room. You need to be thoughtful enough to make a great end result.

Therefore, buying quality over quantity should at the top of your priority. Invest your money to the classics furniture, for example, to have room pieces that are built to last and to withstand your daily use.

In conclusion, constructing a room with the concept of minimalist design relies a lot on how thoughtful and careful you are on choosing particular colors for the room base and special pieces for the room furniture. Paying attention to that kind of small details really pays off.